7 Questions To Ask A Carpet Cleaning Company

carpet cleaning

At first glance, carpet cleaning services may look wonderful with great deals, professional looking technicians, and affordable prices.

Always, choosing a qualified, competent professional carpet cleaner is not easy, because you are bombarded with confusing claims, misleading advertisements, and super low prices.

Fortunately, if you do not know anyone with good referrals, these seven questions will help you make a wise decision.

#1 – Do You Guarantee Your Services in Writing?

It is essential for every carpet cleaning service to guarantee services in writing because it is the only way to make sure they follow their guarantees. Therefore, before hiring, ask this question because you do not want them damaging your carpet.

#2 – Do You Offer Written Estimates Ahead of Time?

Normally, carpet cleaning services like St Albans carpet cleaning offer free quotes or estimates on jobs. To avoid unforeseen costs in the future, do not hire a company that does not give this service.

In fact, you should know exactly how much you will spend before the job begins.

#3 – Do You Use a Truck-Mounted System?

Every legitimate carpet cleaning service employs a truck-mounted cleaning unit, which consists of an attached hose and a large tank.

The hose is used to suck debris, water, pollutants, allergens, stains and dirt from your carpet.

However, if you are interested only in removing surface level dirt, a carpet cleaning machine can be used. It removes only pollens, bacteria, chemicals, dust mite residues, and chemicals.

#4 – Are Your Technicians IICRC Certified?

Basically, IICRC (Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification) certification is equal to having a degree in carpet cleaning.

It is earned through study, experience, and of format written examinations. Do not hire a company that is not IICRC certified.

#5 – Can You Show Me Satisfied Customer Statements?

A qualified carpet cleaning service should provide references from past customers. To know if you can depend on the work of the company, ask references from customers.

Additionally, you can ask if they can give contact information of their past customers willing to openly speak about their experiences with the company.

#6 – Are You a Member of Ethical Services?

Ethical Services is an organization that monitors and ensures that carpet cleaning companies are reputable.

To know if you have found a reputable service, check if the company you want to hire appears on its list because the organization also finds the best carpet cleaning services available.

#7 – Are Your Technicians Insured?

Finally, be sure that the carpet cleaning service you want to hire is insured, meaning it will handle any injury cases that may arise to its employees.

For your safety, peace of mind, and assurance, this is the question your carpet cleaner must be able to answer “YES.”