Occasionally, cars malfunction, which is unavoidable. You might have taken extra care of your vehicle, but nevertheless, it lets you down every now and then. In the midst of an automobile breakdown.

You need to know what to do in case your automobile breaks down to keep yourself ready to deal with problem when it happens.

Remember to put on your car’s hazard lights and get the car out of the road as fast as you can. If the vehicle has not stopped yet but shows signs of problems, pull over before the car stalls.


Keep your auto onto the hard shoulder away from the highway.

If you have an automobile safety kit with reflectors, make use of them. You need to make your car as visible to other drivers as you can, especially at night time or during heavy rains.

Look out for any street signs, landmarks, as well as road, exists which may help anyone trying to locate you. Call the area’s road side assistance team, or your friends.

Never leave the children by themselves in the car as you go to look for assistance. Take them with you in case you need to go. Never ever accept help from a stranger who appears suspicious.

Avoid long travels with your car if it hasn’t been checked for probable faults for a long time.

Make sure to check your car’s oil and water tanks before driving it.


Make sure to have a car safety kit in your vehicle and call on the services of a recovery or towing company like Towing Spokane WA