Electrical Safety Tips – Keeping You And Your Family Safe


Electricity is indeed a great invention which innovates us on what we are today.

But despite these benefits, electricity is also one of the most hazardous energies that can place our lives in a great danger when misused. Sound ridicule but true; if our home and family are the ones involve everything should be taken in serious. For security measures, we listed some of the tips below regarding electrical safety.


1. Test your electrical system – call for an electrician and reserve an electrical safety test. If you just newly buy a house or newly renovate it, then it’s the best time to take an electrician in. He should test the powerpoints, electrical board, appliances and wiring, and provide necessary proceedings to make your electrics safer.

2. Call on the professionals – Cost wise and security wise, hiring a licensed electrical contractor is highly recommended. Electricity is not something that you should do yourself in trial and error. Hire only the professionals for they are trained on the field and are knowledgeable on the dos and don’t s of electrical circuits and outlets. Also, if your home is insured, be noted that insurance companies only valid damages that were originated from the work made by a licensed contractor like electrician Henderson NV

3. Install an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) – to protect your appliances such as a desktop computer; we recommend UPS installation. This is to prevent damage to your hard drive when the power suddenly turns off.

4. Safety Switches Installation – to protect your home from electrical shocks, installing safety switches is recommended. This is necessary when misconnection of power occurs since it automatically turns off the power supply as needed. We also suggest to regularly checking your safety switch by pressing the ‘test’ button. When the power turns off, this means its working which is great.

5. Responsible Power Usage – we were always reminded to use electricity cautiously to keep accidents at the minimum possibility. Make sure that you are not overloading your power points and put safety plugs on the ones that are not used regularly. Electrical appliances should also not be used near water. Cords and wires should also be secure and prevent from harmful animals like rats, etc. and avoid placing this underneath rugs in front of windows and doors. Also, be responsible in using extension cords and use the correct size fuses