Online Chat Rooms – A Reality In A Virtual World


Chat rooms such as instant messaging (IM), e-mails, and various online social network platforms are cybernetic extensions of human interaction, where users can communicate with each other over text-based messages. It also plays an important role in the development of interpersonal messaging over computer networks.

How Chatrooms Work

Computer links to the chat server: A Protocol connects people in actual communications online, the same way you meet with friends in a chatroom.
Send commands to the chat server: After one performs an action for opening a chat, commands are sent from the system through mouse and keyboard from the server.


Byte Sized Data

Byte-sized data called the packets are sent by the server to the user system, which is then assembled, and organised to reproduce a series of present chat room topics, to initiate a chat online.


Connecting People

Connect to the chatroom: This is the last step. Hereafter users connect to the chatroom, they can start sending real-time messages that can be read by all the people present in the virtual room. The user’s system then transmits packets consisting of messages. After that, the messages are reverberated by the server to every user present in the chatroom.