Clicky How to sell on Vinted? Tips, tricks, instructions

How to sell on Vinted? Tips, tricks, instructions

Want to sort through your wardrobe? Selling clothes, accessories or cosmetics on Vinted is a good idea. All our advice for a successful empty-dressing 4.0.

Since its creation in 2008, the online sales site Vinted has carved out a tailor-made reputation with fashionable girls. With 23 million users in France and hundreds of thousands of articles added every day, standing out is not always easy. So how do you  sell on Vinted  ? Follow the guide.

Vinted, how does it work? 

Fashion is minimalism in closets. So, for Marie Kondo-ize  your wardrobe in a few clicks, selling on Vinted is obvious. But before emptying your dressing room, you must create your account and activate your  virtual wallet , where the money ends up once the sales have been made. You are then free to use the sums therein to buy other clothes on Vinted or transfer them to your bank account. For buyers to trust your profile, you must also have it verified by giving Vinted permission to verify your Facebook, Google and email accounts. Final details: write a precise description, upload a photo to your profile and you’re done! Vinted works very simply so everyone can sell and buy with just a few clicks.

Vinted, what is it and how does it work?

In a few years, Vinted, a veritable second-hand war machine made in Lithuania, has established itself in the mores of the French. But what is the secret of such success? Origins, operation and little mysteries… Answers with the Vinted team.

How do I list an item for sale on Vinted?

Once the account is complete, it’s time to upload the clothes you want to part with. With pretty photos, detailed descriptions of the item’s condition, date of purchase, size, and any flaws, the buyer should feel reassured. To optimize your sales on Vinted, the trick is to offer several articles at the same time. People who like one piece of your dressing room are likely to like others and may want to acquire several at the same time, creating a bundle that limits costs for them and trips to La Poste for you.

You also have to keep seasonality in mind when selling on Vinted. If the platform affirms that there are no pieces that sell more than others , it specifies that in summer, it is dresses, sandals and T-shirts  that are acclaimed while in winter , purchases are more focused on sweaters, coats and boots. On the other hand, no particular indication is given to determine  when to put up for sale on Vinted.. Regulars of the platform interviewed by us nevertheless note that they receive more requests from buyers in the evening. From there to conclude that it is after office hours that there are the most potential customers, there is only one step. This would therefore be the perfect time to post the clothes you want to get rid of. And if you want to edit or delete your articles on Vinted , head over to the “Profile” icon at the bottom right of the app. In the  » Dressing Room  » tab , all your clothes currently on sale will appear.

How to sell quickly on Vinted?

It’s been weeks since you put half of your closet on sale and no one wants it? It may be that you have not bet on the right photos. Do not hesitate to take some more: more precise, more faithful, clearer, it’s up to you. It may be wise to optimize the description of the products so that they appear more easily in the searches of buyers. Another tip: do not skimp on reductions and offer lots of T-shirts, dresses or sweaters at reduced prices. It is also possible to boost items in your dressing room for an additional fee. In fact, clothes offered on Vinted will be featured in threads.for a period of 3 to 7 days. A great way to get more views . Vinted has also developed the « Showcase Dressing » service which allows items from your dressing room to be shown to members of the application in a personalized way. Vinted claims that this paid feature is a great way to gain visibility, followers, potential buyers and therefore money on the platform.

How to cancel a transaction on Vinted?

Good to know: you can cancel a transaction as long as you haven’t sent the item. Simply go to the conversation with the buyer, press the « Information » icon at the top right and select the « Cancel the transaction » option, justifying your choice. It is better to do this by mutual agreement with the buyer, otherwise a negative evaluation will be automatically generated on your account.

How to pack a Vinted package?

To ensure that the package reaches the buyer in good condition, it is best to take special care in packaging it. And don’t forget to send the item of clothing in perfect condition (shoes polished, clothes washed, cat hair removed, etc.). If you sell shoes, do not hesitate to put them in a suitable box . If you have to send a fragile garment, be sure to wrap it carefully, in tissue paper for example. If in addition you want to slip a word, a dried flower, a drawing or a small gift into the package, do yourself a favor. Don’t forget that the buyer can leave a comment on your profile. It would be a shame if it were negative.

How to send a package with Vinted?

Once the buyer has made their choice in your dressing room, you have agreed on a price and it has been accepted, the countdown begins. You have  a period of five working days to send your package. And it’s up to the buyer to choose their shipping method on Vinted. Depending on his wishes, his address, yours and the parameters you have established beforehand, the package can be delivered in different ways.

At the relay point or post office defined by the buyer with the following carriers:

  • Mondial Relay
  • Shop2Shop by Chronopost 
  • post office
  • Colissimo
  • DHL ServicePoint
  • DPD Pickup*
  • DHL ServicePoint
  • Homerr
  • Relay package
  • UPS Access Point
  • SEUR Shop2Shop

To the buyer’s personal address with the following carriers:

  • Colissimo
  • Bpost package
  • Mail Address
  • Correos International
  • Express Mail Pack 24
  • PostNL Package
  • DHL Home Delivery
  • SEUR Shop2Home

In one of the Vinted Go instructions in the application, launched in 2022. For the moment, there are around a hundred in Île-de-France, located in Carrefour, Franprix and Casino partners.

Shipping costs are the responsibility of the buyer, calculated according to the weight, the size of the package and the country where the buyer resides. It’s actually quite logical, the shipping costs for an address in France are not the same as for Italy , Germany , Belgium or the United Kingdom . Selling on Vinted without a printer can be complicated, since you usually have to edit a packing slip to affix to the package. In this case, it is surely more appropriate to  sell on Vinted without sending , by making an appointment with the buyer for a personal delivery, the ideal solution for heavy and bulky products. It’s also the only way to sell on Vinted without postage . On the other hand, if you systematically wish to  refuse personal delivery , it is up to you to deactivate the option beforehand in the shipping method settings.

How is the payment on Vinted?

Selling on Vinted involves delivery which takes on average between 5 and 7 working days. Once the item is received by the buyer, he or she has 2 days to report if the item does not conform to the photos or description. During this time, the mention « pending payment » will appear on your account. The buyer can use these 48 hours to get in touch with you to discuss a possible return and refund. But if « Everything is ok » , the money is transferred to your Vinted wallet. On the other hand, in the event of a dispute on Vintedwith the buyer, the payment will remain pending in your account until a solution – cancellation or conclusion of the transaction – is found. Be careful, if Vinted is a reliable site , not all buyers are honest. Some do not hesitate to try dark scams by asking for the cancellation of the order and pretending to return the item with a false tracking number, for example.

If you decide to transfer it to your bank account, the payment for this sale on Vinted then takes up to 5 additional working days. In addition, to pay for the product, the buyer can use a bank card , his virtual wallet or a PayPal account during a sale on Vinted. However, you don’t need to have Paypal to receive a payment made there, since the money is transferred directly to your Vinted wallet anyway. It is also not essential to have a credit card to sell on Vinted. Only a bank account is required since to transfer the results of sales to your bank, you need an IBAN, a billing address and the name of the account holder.

For the time being, selling on Vinted without declaring the fruit of its transactions to taxes  is normal as long as one sells without making a profit and that the receipts amount to less than 3,000 euros or concern less than 20 transactions per year. . 

What advice to sell well on Vinted?

For Natacha Blanchard, communication director of Vinted, there are a few key points to respect in order to sell well on Vinted. 

  • Be honest about the condition of the product. There is no reason to lie about the condition of your clothes, especially since on Vinted, it is possible to specify their condition: new, very good condition, good condition, etc…
  • Post at least five photos of their article.
  • Write the title of your product well by keyword, specifying the type of article, the brand, the size and the color.
  • Describe your product with as much detail as possible, add hashtags so that it is well listed, choose relevant filters so that it is easy to find by search.
  • Everyone is free to set the price they want, but it’s always good to look at how much equivalent items are sold.
  • Do not hesitate to specify that we are selling by lot.
  • If an item is not selling, adjust the price, change the title, description…
  • To sell a premium product, upload a maximum of photos (up to 20), a certificate of authenticity, etc.

Need more advice before selling on Vinted  ? Go to  one of the thousands of forums devoted to the subject . The Vinties (members of the community) share their tips and discuss  how to sell on Vinted as easily as possible. There are also many videos and other tutorials made by aficionados of the platform. Your turn !

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