Clicky The mistake we all make when we play sports, and which damages the hair!

The mistake we all make when we play sports, and which damages the hair!


Tom Smith reveals a mistake that should not be made when playing sports and which damages the hair.

To be comfortable doing sports, it is necessary to tie your hair perfectly and clear the neck. Nevertheless, some hairstyles are more harmful than others for the hair fiber , as American hairdresser Tom Smith points out on his Instagram account: “ If you play sports and also take care of your hair, this information might interest you. . I often see people jogging with a ponytail . As they run, their hair swings from one side to the other of the head, rubbing against the shoulders. It’s like a boost for the hair! 

Indeed, friction against clothing is one of the main sources of breakage of the hair fiber and the formation of split ends . This is why the hairdresser recommends sporting more by wearing a bun or an attachment that does not let the lengths rub against the clothes

What hairstyle to do for sports?


A hairstyle for sports must be easy to achieve and ensure perfect maintenance of the hair. You can opt for a chignon bun , securing the attachment with a few clips or pins. You can also make a three-strand braid or an African braid and twist the lengths on themselves to form a braided bun. If you have a short haircut or a square, do not hesitate to use a hair band which absorbs excess perspiration and prevents the hair from rubbing against the face.

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